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The Grindstone half marathon course throws a killer climb, a fun ridge run, and a bombing downhill at you, all while still offering a blazing fast start and finish for those interested in a little taste of everything!

Race Category


Running Stones



21 KM

Elevation Gain

518 M+

Start Date

Saturday 21st September 2024

Race Start

Natural Chimneys Park - 08:00

Max Allowed Race Time

06 Hours



Course Description

Course Description

Starting and finishing at the historic Natural Chimneys, the Grindstone half-marathon course provides you a fast start in rolling country before entering the forest at the Bear Trap access. From there the course follows Lick Run taking you up the short but steep climb to the Narrow Back Mtn ridgeline. Follow the ridgeline before flying back down Tillman Trail east, along the Narrow Back forest access, retracing a fast finish to the base of the towering limestone chimneys and finish line festival.

Mandatory Gear

  • Minimum water supply: 1 liter of hydration capacity
  • Reusable cup//flask/bottle

    Recommended Gear

  • Running pack to carry recommended gear throughout the race.
  • Mobile/Cell phone with international roaming that works in the United States of America.
  • Jacket with hood for bad weather in the mountains/course terrain.
  • Hat
Aid Station Chart

Aid Station Chart

Learn more about each Aid Station, elevation gain and loss, cut-off times, and where drop bags and crew are allowed on course